What Type Of Cage Is Best For A Rat?

Earlier rats were a rare sight to be seen as people did not go for making rats their pet instead of making cats and dogs their pets. But now people have different choices and love to exercise them without caring about others think. There are many people around the world who like to pet rats and find them very cute pets. But making them pets is not the same as making the dogs and cats their pets. They require much more than just looking over them. The most important thing about taking care of rats as a pet is building a house that can be the perfect atmosphere to live in for them.

One cannot live without ads out in open to roam around. So, should search the best rat cage for them that we can play around and live happily in there. But what type of cage should be preferred? What all things are necessary to include in the cage? Rats are active creators and don’t like to set idle at one place which creates a need for a cage that involves playful and running activities for them.

What Material Should Be Used To Build The Cage?

What Type Of Cage Is Best For A Rat?

One can buy readymade cage from online websites for their rights and also can get it made from the market. Readymade cages available online can meet up your demands perfectly as there are many variants available. The material used to build cages for rats are usually metal and wood. These two type of materials make up the perfect cage for your rat.

Metal ones can be perfect as the rats like to bite and climb. Metal is able to resist itself from breaking upon biting, which is the reason why it is the most preferred material. Also, wooden cages can also be ideal for keeping your rat. Most of the rat cages are made up of wires of ductile metal as they can be transformed to take various shapes. The metal wires help the rats to climb up and down frequently which is exactly what the rats want. The metal which are used to make rat cages are generally ones which resist rusting to a great extent.

One Should Buy A Cage Of Perfect Size

Rats are the among most Swift and restless creatures in the world. Due to this particular fact, is extremely important to make sure that rats are not confined in a limited and congested space. The cage should be bigger in dimensions such that the rats are able to find themselves moving in the cage. As rats are not among the animals which are generally left open to move here and there, their cages are everything for them. Open ground is one thing which is very necessary when buying a cage for rat. Also, apart from the open ground in the cage, it is also very important to make sure that the height of the cage is such that the rats can play their climbing game perfectly.

A Cage With Objects To Play Around Is A Perfect One

Even if your cage is very big in size, it doesn’t make any sense if it is left empty without any toys objects in it. If there is no adventure provided to the rats, they will never be happy as they usually are in their natural environment. It is very important for the owners to give their rat pets, an environment to play in and enjoy themselves. toys like tubes and wheels makeup the perfect objects to be included in the cages of rats as they can keep them engaged in playful and moving activities. So one should necessarily not leave the cages empty with nothing to keep the rats engaged.

Rats are naturally those kind of animals who like to be on open space with no boundaries. And if someone wants to pet them, it is very important to give them a playful and an environment similar to their natural ones. Also, one other solution for keeping the rats engaged is by keeping more than one rats in a cage so that they can keep playing.

A Separate Area For Their Sleep Is Very Important

You cannot just leave the rights to survive in your cage without making efforts to ensure that they are healthy and happy. You cannot just leave them to sleep anywhere in the cage. Instead, a separate sleeping area can give them a healthy sleep and one that is relieving. Sleeping nests are one kind of options. The sleeping nests are usually comfortable and small objects which can be used to give a shady place for the rats to relax in. Rats usually get scared of some domestic animals and other noise related things, which makes them want to hide somewhere where they feel secured and relaxed. The sleeping nests which are made of various materials can be the best option to serve this purpose. They are readily available online and also in the market.

Also, digging is something which rats usually do you and it is a part of their lifestyle. So it is essential to make sure that there is dust, particularly saw dust for making them dig a bit and enjoy themselves. Various other fun tools are usually considered to be healthy for the rats as they are the healthiest when they keep moving and playing around. Some tree branches and stems should also be left in the cage in order to give the rats a chance to help their teeth to remain healthy. These trees should be chosen very carefully as not every branch is considered safe for the teeth of rats.


What Type Of Cage Is Best For A Rat?

Rats are not those animals which can be kept in the rats for their lifetime. If you want to pet a rat without snatching their happiness and liveliness from them, you should also take your rat out for sometime everyday such that they can get the fresh air they are used to. Not doing this can be a bad decision from your side. Moreover, the best rat cage is available for you online.

Your New Pet Rat – All You Need To Know


Rats are like us, they like to have a proper house with rooms in it.
Think of their cage as a house and help them create different rooms to live in.


food and water are one of the most important things you need to provide for your rats.
If you have 3 or more rats it is best to get 2 small water bottles as that will stop the squabbling about who drinks first.
If you have 2 or 1 rat/s get a large bottle.
Although there are heaps of food bowls to choose from get a heavy one or one you can attach to the side of their cage.
Rats like to stand on their bowls and if it isn’t heavy they will tip it up and can’t get to their food.


Rats will naturally go to the toilet in a same place in their cage.
You may want to litter train them to go in their litter box.
You should put something were they go to the toilet, such as cat litter, wood shavings e.c.t


Rats LOVE small, dark and cosey places to sleep and hang out in.
I recomend you should get beds for the floor and beds that hang up high, for the floor beds igloos and little houses are good and for the hanging beds hamocks and soft tubes are a rats favourite. Rats also like to nest in shredded newspaper and bird nesting things.
If you don’t want to buy anything then you can make your rats beds, maybe if you have a old shirt you can stuff it with newspaper or you may have a soft scrap of material big anough to make into a hamock and so on.


For the living room tubes and tunnels are great.
Your rats will love to sit in the tunnels and watch the world go by.
Tubes and tunnles are very exciting for rats and they love to run along in them and wriggle past each other.

Games room –

For the games room put chews, an exersize wheel, ladders and tunnels.
You can also put peices of wood so your rats claws will blunten. Your rats will love play in the games room and it will be great exersize.

Choosing The Best Rat Cage…

There’s a wide range of rat cages but suprizingly only a few of them a perfect cage for a rat.
It is very important you choose the right cage for your rat as it will be it house for a least 2 or 3 years…

Do not use aquariums!!! why???-

*In the summer the glass/plastic sides of the cage will get hot and that will cause your rats to burn up.
*Aquariums are hard to make it interesting for your rat. *Rats do not get anough air circulatain.
*You can;t hang up hammocks and rats can’t climb up bars like they love to do.

Choose a wired cage!!!why???-

*Your rat can do what they do most: Smell all the smells they can!
*Plently of space for climbing and hanging beds up. *They can breath in all the fresh air they need.
*The deep plasic base is good to put bedding in and the litter won’t get kicked out but the harmful odours will.

Get as big as a cage you can get and rats can never get anough floor space.

Beware of escape artists!!!-
Ferret cages are the best for rats who like to escape as they are built stronger.

Easy access for everyone-

Buy a cage with lots of big doors as it is so much easier to handle and get out your rats.
Big doors are also good if you like to play with your rats inside their cage or like to change their toys around reglarly.
Big doors are great for those rats who like to escape as it is quite hard to miss if you forget to close it.

Climbing- A long wire cage is a rats dream, and I have always thought how bored a rat would be if it could not climb.
But the thing is if you have a long cage you have to have a lot of hammocks and things that can catch your rat if s/he falls.
The rats cage is one of the most important role in its life and it is your job to make good.
If your rat can climb it will build up their muscles and that is really good for them.

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Rat Treats

Its always nice to give your rats home-made treats once in a while.

So here are some home-made, healthy treats that your rats will love you for!!!

Happy Rat Munchers-

What you need-

1 cup (227 g) whole wheat flour

3/4 cup (170 g) yellow cornmeal

2/3 cup (150 g) dried mixed fruit bits

1 teaspoon oil

1/2 cup (113) fruit juice

Preheat oven to 250°F  and grease two cookie sheets.

Mix ingrediants, and shape into 1/2 inch balls.

Place on cookie sheets (close together is fine) and bake for 45 minutes.

Turn off oven and leave trays in until completly cool to make them real crunchy.

Keep in a zip-lock bag. ENJOY!!!!

Sweet Sandwiches-

What you need-

10 cheerios

stawberries (you can use any other fruit if you like)

a cup of yogart

get 5 cheerios and put a very small, thin slice of strawberry on top of them.

Then get your yogart and put 3 drops on each of the 5 cheerios with strawberries on them.

Then put the other 5 cheerios on top of the other ones.

P.s- you can make more but they go off in about 3 days.

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