Caring For A Baby Rat

If you are getting a baby rat be propered as they will soon become your life and i don’t mean it in a bad way but a really good way…

Rats are intelligent, loyal, playful, loving and fun.

Only get a rat if you have at least 2 or more hours a day to spend with them.

If you don’t you will find you will have quite an unfreindly rat.

1.  Making time for your rat…

Rats need more than a big cage and a load of toys.

They need lots of attention and love.

If you go to school or work will you have time to cuddle and play with your rats, you really need to think about this or don’t bother getting one.

 2. Talking to your baby…

Always make time just to sit and talk to your rats as this will make them learn your voice and this is very helpful if you want to train them.

It will also make them not afraid of of peoples voices and this will make them friendly.

3.Thinking of a rats tummy…

The key to a young rats heart is through its tummy.

But don’t get to carried away as that will lead to consequeses for you and your rat.

Try not to give your baby rat to much fruit or vegetables as they are not use to so much freshness and sweetness

4.Getting to know your babies…

Until you know your rat and your rat knows you take things slowly.

To your rat you are a big, hairless monster even though you know your not.

Try to remember this and don’t get upset if your rat doesn’t like you at the start.

Just have lots of of treats and never try to grab your rat when it is in its cage, always hold your rat with great care as they are easily hurt.

5.Cleaning out time…

You have to be careful when cleaning out a baby rats cage.

Cleaning out time can be very stressful for a baby rat as they get scared you are going to take their stuff and you are not going to let them back in.

So try to make cleaning out play time and give your rat treats and let them crawl in the cage and help you.

You just have to let them know you aren’t doing any harm but always leave one dropping in there so they can still smell there scent.

6. Play time…

Once your rat is is happy and comfortable with you and your home start getting her out any time she is awake.

Never wake her up when she is sleeping as she might get stressed and bite.

Keep getting her out and in no time at all she will be begging to get out of her cage.

Pateince and understanding…

NEVER get angry or upset if your little rattie does something wrong.

If they eat something speical of yours it is your fault not theres as you are the reasponsable one to hide your things from your rat eating them.

If your rat does end up eating something simpily pick her up, firmly say no and put her in her cage for time out and they will soon get the hang of it.

5 Things You Need To Know About How To Make A Happy Rattie…

  1. Always get at least two rats, if you don’t you will end up with a lonley and unhappy rat.

2.Get more than one rat but i don’t recommend getting more than five , because they will get jelous of each other.

  1. Always give your rats different toys to investigate.
  2. Their cage should have lots of different beds and hiding places.
  3. Let your rats out in a big space (a bedroom is great.)